Tech Giant Engineer Breaks Silence… Revealing The Disgusting Truth About Your Smartphone’s “Software Updates”

by John Edwards  October 29th, 2022


QuickCharge Pro Team a little known group of computer scientists and engineers

Once A Work of Science-Fiction Movies, Mini-Drones Have Gone Mainstream, Transforming Everyday Social Media Profiles Into Viral Sensations…

Every time a new phone hits the market, Smartphone companies spend millions of dollars to tell you all about the latest features.

They will tell you that it has a clearer display, a better camera, and of course, a new software update.

This usually gets me all excited and I watch all the YouTube videos about it. But one thing is always left unanswered.

What is a "Software Update"?

- Can it get rid of bugs?
- Can it improve security?
- Can it enhance performance?

What if I told you that a software update can also destroy your phone?

On April 2018, Forbes reported that a new software update destroyed a lot of iPhones. The article states that "The new software update iOS 11.3 is killing the touch screen displays of iPhones. These worked perfectly before the iOS update."

"This has caused my company over $1.5 Million Dollars due to reshipments...Customers are annoyed and it seems like Apple is doing this to prevent customers from doing 3rd party repair."Aakshay Kripalani, CEO of Injured Gadgets

On the latest TechCrunch Consumer Survey, 91% of smartphone users said that their batteries die before the day is over.

Do you find it suspicious that your perfectly new smartphone slows down after 6 months?

Did you know that phone companies have been purposely slowing down your phone to force you to buy a new one?

YES - We have an exclusive story from the Ex-Apple Engineer that shocked the world.

Apple vs. The World

In 2017, a young Tech Executive by the name of Lisa Phan — An MIT honors graduate who worked her way up from a junior software engineer — leaked one of the biggest controversies in consumer electronics history.

I’m Lisa Phan,
Yes, the infamous software engineer from Apple.
I had the chance to meet
Steve Jobs and work under Tim Cook. I had a nice cozy $1.7 Million flat in the Mission District of San Francisco. My career was flourishing and I was in charge of iOS security and beta software testing teams. I was living the silicon dream!
But in late 2015, my boss revealed a dark secret to me…
My boss informed me that they were using a strategy to slow older phones down in order to force customers to buy the newer models. After digging around,
I was shocked to find out that they were adding malicious code to the ‘software updates’ to slow down these older phones. I was taken back by it but just kept my head down and did my job.
After a while, it just didn’t feel right anymore. The whole “corporate greed” set in and it felt like we were attacking our own customers.
On March 2017, I contacted a reporter from CNN and leaked the information concerning Apple slowing down phones.
Apple Admitted To Slowing Down iPhones
The story blew up and made a dent in Apple’s perfect image. It caused the stock to plummet. I was terminated from my position after 8 years of service.
I knew I did the right thing.
A week later, I learned that several of my colleagues were also fired from Apple. I reached out and they gladly agreed to help me finish this new groundbreaking technology.
Our mission was to
reverse the damage Smartphone companies have done and undo the effects of their evil “software updates”. This was the birth of QuickCharge Pro Technology.
We developed this technology to beat phone companies at their own game. Our team has made leaps and bounds of progress in:
- Increasing your phone's battery life
- Reversing the effects of battery wear and tear
- Optimizing your phone's overall performance
Phone companies have been rushing to make this product illegal and removed from the market.
My team and I will not be bullied. Our technology will continue to reverse the 'software update' damage and bring your phones back to life.

QuickCharge Pro Team a little known group of computer scientists and engineers

Lisa Phan
Founder, QuickCharge Pro
P.S. QuickCharge Pro is the real deal!

How Does It Work?

When Lisa and her team made the discovery of a lifetime, they utilized advanced military technology to guarantee QuickCharge Pro's durability and efficiency.

QuickCharge Pro is equipped with a military grade microchip that can regulate the electric currents flowing from the QuickCharge Pro to your smartphone.

By doing this, your smartphone’s battery is being reprogrammed to reverse the negative updates from smartphone companies.

While adjusting its voltage output for tailored, optimized charging speed. This allows it to charge at 5 times faster than traditional chargers.

Think about it this way, using a traditional charger is like driving a 1998 Corolla. Using the technology from QuickCharge Pro is comparable to driving a 2021 Tesla. Both will get you there but one will get there much faster and more efficiently.

On top of its lightning fast charging capability, QuickCharge Pro claims that it can also bring your old battery back to life.

I know what you’re thinking, “How is that even possible?!”

QuickCharge Pro Technology does this by distributing power-hungry apps (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.) to a more energy-efficient flow. This keeps your battery cool and more importantly, improves your phone’s performance. Here’s a diagram that best describes the process.

QuickCharge Pro streamlines the flow of electricity and prevents overheating

Can This Really Do It All?

Could QuickCharge Pro help people like you and me?

Just like you, my major concern is saving money. I was buying a new phone every year. Being able to save over $1000 a year while having the same performance would be a no brainer.

Do you remember wasting your precious hours waiting to get a hold of your wireless carrier?

According to the Customer Satisfaction Index, the telecommunications industry is the worst industry, ranking below healthcare and banks.

Sometimes, just one simple decision could be the difference between paying outrageous prices for the latest phone and never having to worry about your phone dying ever again.

Are you ready to take the next step and join the future of smartphone technology? Imagine never having to buy a new phone just cause your battery crapped out and saving over $1,000.00 every year in the process

Wise advice from one of the richest people in the world

We already ordered ours at their company website and will be writing a follow up piece on the results, we strongly encourage you to do the same.

If you're not fully satisfied, return it for a full refund. Who knows, maybe this could be the one little decision that will save you tens of thousands dollars over the lifetime. It’s a WIN-WIN Situation. Order yours today and write us about your experience. Best of luck!

Experts Call This New Technology The Biggest Breakthrough In Modern Science...

Since our initial research, this revolutionary invention has been quickly gaining traction around the world. The device has been patented and sold to a major Tech Giant to further test and improve the technology.

The billionaire investor said:

"Her phone charger is a revolution in personal technology. Lisa invented a new way of charging devices at blazing speeds, while also helping users reverse battery damage caused by greedy tech companies who want to slow down phones. She has created a catalyst to change the smartphone world as we know it. Everyone will want this gadget by April 2021."

According to their site, the device contains technology which can increase your phone's battery life, reverse the effects of battery wear and tear, and optimize your phone's overall performance. There are rumors that some celebrities are already using their QuickCharge Pro prior to a full market release.

How Much Can I Actually Save?

QuickCharge Pro Has Been Proven To Save:


  • $1000+ On A New Phone
  • $170 Battery Replacement
  • $100 Portable Chargers
  • $200+ On Electric Bills
  • No more long calls with tech support.
  • Worrying About Your Phone Dying When You Need It - Priceless

We Tested It Ourselves - Did It Live Up To The Hype?

After our research led to such positive reviews, we were still a little skeptic about its bold claims.We simply had to try QuickCharge Pro for ourselves.

Is it really worth the hype?

Jeremy Kilstein, our Lead Editor, has iPhone 6s laying around — It has a cracked screen, dying battery, and is very slow. Here is his 1 Week QuickCharge Pro Experience.

Of course you may fly into a few trees, but that’s all part of the fun. Overall, the learning curve to fly this thing is pretty small. Your profile is going to get an upgrade that will make your friends and family will think you hired a professional video guy to follow you around all day.

Jeremy's 1 Week QuickCharge Pro Experience
Day 1

My mom’s got an old iPhone 6s collecting dust so I figured it’ll be perfect for this experiment. She used to tell me it always died and it needed charging all day long, she even spent hundreds on portable chargers. I tried my regular charger and it wouldn’t even start. I used the QuickCharge Pro and I couldn’t believe it! It turned ON right away!

Day 2

I’ve been using the QuickCharge Pro to charge my phones all weekend long. On Monday I took the train to work and I usually listen to my music on that 35 minute ride to the city. By the time I get to the office my phone would normally be down to 50% but after using QuickCharge Pro Team for a few days, my battery life was still at 92%!
I don’t even think about my battery draining anymore. I started noticing that all of my chat/message apps and social media apps are
loading much faster."

Day 3

"I didn’t have to charge the phone for almost 2 days! I plugged it in when I got to the office and it charged to 100% in less than 45 minutes! I almost feel like the iPhone6S is working just as good as my iPhone 11!

The Verdict:

After a week of using QuickCharge Pro It's safe to say that I will never use another charger in my lifetime. Charging my phone used to be a hassle but with this I don't even think about it anymore. I need to get one for my friends and the guest room just in case.

Where Can I Get One?

They weren’t prepared for this.

They were producing as many as they could, but just couldn’t keep up with demand. The QuickCharge Pro team’s heart stopped, the stock they had planned for well over a month was SOLD OUT in just 72 hours.

2000 units GONE, just like that, in 3 days. They were in backlog, and they were producing these AS FAST as they possibly could.

The requests didn’t stop, but they had to produce what they could and get them to their customers. They took down the site, marked sold out everywhere.

Their phones were still buzzing, but they unfortunately couldn’t keep up.

Their “VIP customers'' sale went better than expected, to say the least. They didn’t know they’d sell thousands in just a matter of hours!

But they began preparing, they wanted to bring re-assurance and protection to the thousands of Americans that were inquiring.

Well months went by as they prepared. This time stocking up 4,000 units, double what they had before.

They decided to launch again, but they didn’t expect that their queue of customers had already reached the thousands! And with a couple big orders, it happened again.

3200 were claimed within 48 hours, and in a matter of just a week later they were completely sold out. So much for their preparation.

“Yeah… that’s a picture of our warehouse within a week.” - QuickCharge Pro

Needless to say, they were gobsmacked. Thrilled of course that everyone was so interested in QuickCharge Pro Team, but they felt awful that once again they were not going to be able to keep up to the demand.

They closed the site, AGAIN, everything was sold out. This time, they vowed that the next time they turn back on the site, they were going to have enough stock to last forever.

Which is why they’re so excited to announce that they’ve finished finalizing their stock just in time for the new year…

This time they are NOT making the same mistake.

This New Year, They Built More of These Ultra-Fast Smart Chargers Than EVER Before

And they THINK it will be enough to meet demand.

But when these sell out (and so far, that’s happened in a week or less), it could take them 3+ months to get inventory back in.

In fact, They’re taking a big risk by spreading the word even more about this device. They have shops in our queue looking to place orders in the hundreds.

But they want to get them to the general public as well.

They want to save people money, and shops are going to sell these at a premium to make margin. In times like this, they want the general public to be have peace of mind.

QuickCharge Pro has just been released to the public and the only way to get it is directly from their website. Click this to check if they have any in stock. If they do, I strongly suggest getting it right away. These chargers sell out very quickly.

The QuickCharge Pro team is giving our readers this today-only special offer.

Here's a list of what you'll get:

- 90-day money back guarantee

This amazing offer can only be found here and it ends today. Act now and save your phone’s life.


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