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Energy Companies Want To Ban This Cheap And Effective Trick that Cools Your Home In Minutes

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Friday, May 5th, 2023| By Martin Lewis

"Every house in America should have one of these. It will save lives this summer as temperatures soar!"

This energy crisis is affecting all of us, and the high prices for electricity means that keeping your home cool and comfortable this summer will be a huge problem.

The energy companies only give you 2 choices.

Either you spend the whole summer in sticky, heavy, unbearable heat, or you pay the crazy bills they send you for running your AC.

But for ordinary Americans, that’s all about to change.

Mark, who made a name for himself designing the engine cooling system used on race cars, came up with this genius solution to home cooling after his grandmother had a near death experience.

Last year, Mark discovered that his elderly grandmother, Beth, could not afford to use her AC due to the energy crisis and rising electricity costs. He decided he would visit her house for regular check-ups during the summer months, to make sure she was OK.

During an intense heatwave, Mark called to his grandmother’s house to find her lying on the floor in her kitchen, unresponsive.

Thankfully Mark had arrived just on time. He called the ambulance, who took Beth to hospital.

She Was Lucky To Still Be Alive!

She had experienced severe heat stroke. The doctors told Mark that she would make a full recovery, but that it was in danger of happening again if something did not change.

Mark knew she was lucky this time, but that he had to do something to help.

His amazing idea was to combine his method of cooling race car engines with the Bernoulli cooling principle.

This way he could create an effective, suitable, safe-for-home cooling unit that was extremely energy efficient and cheap to run.

After months of testing he cracked it. Mark brought his revolutionary invention to his grandmother's house to test it out.

The results were astonishing. Under controlled testing, the temperature in her home went from 95 to 63 in just 2 minutes.

The real shock came with his grandmother's next energy bill. The device was left running 24/7 for a week to find out how it would impact electricity usage. When the bill arrived, his grandmother instantly began crying with happiness.

Mark's invention used 90% less energy than an ordinary AC unit. His grandmother knew then that she could now afford to stay cool in her home all year round.

When word got out about Mark’s invention, investors started lining up. Eventually the big energy companies found out. They offered him millions for the patent, so that they could own the design and completely stop its production forever.

When Mark refused they even tried to take him to court to ban its production. Mark fought the case and won. He knew the right thing to do was make this product affordable to everyone, so it could save them just as it saved his grandmother.

Mark partnered with some other brilliant engineers and investors who had the same vision as him, perfected the unit and began mass production.

It’s called Chillwell AC, and it cools down rooms rapidly using tiny amounts of electricity.

This product will cool your home in less than 2 minutes using a fraction of the energy a traditional AC unit would use.

This will slash your electricity bill instantly and allow you to stay cool and comfortable in your home all summer, even on the most humid, hot and heavy days.

What Are The Benefits Of Chillwell?

It uses a perpetual cooling loop, meaning it is powered almost completely by recycling the cold air it has already created and turning it into energy.

Thanks to its brilliant cooling technology, that passes water over a precision-engineered cooling element, it cools rooms in a matter of minutes, giving you fresh, cool air for practically zero cost.

- Uses 93.7% Less Electricity
- Cools Down Room In Less Than 2 Mins
- Fast & Easy Set-Up
- Portable
- 3 Different Cooling Modes
- Works On Large Rooms

No other AC unit offers these unique features.

Simply fill it with water, plug it in and turn it on. It will instantly start pumping out ice-cold air. It works in rooms up to 400 square feet in size.

Even if you already have air-con you should switch to the Chillwell. It runs on a fraction of the cost and is just as effective.

Sold Out Quickly

What Makes The Chillwell So Popular?

What Makes The Chillwell So Popular?

Weather experts predict dangerous heat across the US.

2022 saw some record highs during heat waves that engulfed the US during July of last year, and many experts are predicting more of the same this year. That is why it is vitally important to have an AC unit that is powerful, dependable and cost effective.

Dangerous temperatures above 100 degrees were experienced in most states last year, so if you want to keep you and your family safe you need to act now.

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How Do I Make Sure I Get The Authentic Chillwell?

Chilwell is only available through its official website. Don't be fooled by knock-offs! You'll only get effective home cooling if you get the real deal.

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